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Her shirt started to get tighter too and she took it off, her already lacy bra that was a cup size to small looked even smaller as her breast were bulging out the cups. Digging through her roommates dresser she finds a adorable white lace bra with a pink ribbon in the middle. Putting her own bra back on and her shirt which now looked more like a crop top and the girls red panties and booty shorts. Brit could feel her ass shrink as Amy absorbed it into her own. Her breast quickly outgrew the bra while her ass ripped her shorts and panties. It was only when she was going to change into her comfy clothes she saw her breasts and ass were huge now.

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This bra had fit perfectly this morning, but all though out the day she felt it get tighter and constantly readjusting it.

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Brit loved her huge ass but to watch Amy outgrow those pants she would give it up. Alexis knew exactly what she was thinking and answered it for her. Angela has left for work this morning with her work uniform fitting her small body perfectly.

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