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Lastly is to remember that you are the star, without you no one would be making money, so only do what you're comfortable with and always trust your gut. Favorite Porn Stars of All Time. I had a webmaster who ran my old site, tried to control me, took my money, and treated me like a piece of meat. As a model you really get taken advantage of and treated very unprofessionally all too often. It takes me a while to warm up. I'm very alpha so I need someone that can keep up.

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As far as women go I love exotic girls.

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Celia. Age: 31.
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Then they get tricked into signing a contract. I have an amazing team that helps with everything from coding to production and I honestly couldn't do it without them. I give the girls creative power to direct their scenes and help with the web design. Her first job was working at age fifteen as a cashier for the retail outlet Target.

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