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giantess kate
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At some point in their lives, the Siri's encourages a woman to make no apologies about physically dominating men. It is no secret looking at me that I am Fact, I have been aware of it since I was five. My mother told me that I can achieve anything that I want to, despite my gender and despite my skin color. Love is what they called it. She uses painting, printmaking, and performance for education and dialogue around. So I start using um, Western portrait painters like John Singer Sargent or a portrait of Napoleon to depict a female, um, female bodies. They're dominating entire village with her size.

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Adley. Age: 28.
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Through this trauma, I have learned to grab hold of my own reality and that there will always be validity in my emotions.

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Charlee. Age: 25.
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The Giantess

The image of a woman who looks like me is not painted for you to look at. I reached out to local females who have experienced traumatic memories in their lives and who have survived the models off the giant to serious are really woman in our own community. About a year ago, I expended a subject matter to females who has survived a traumatic memories in their lives. Inwardly, however, it is a therapeutic intervention aimed at the woman who modelled for the paintings, all of whom had been personally traumatized by violence.

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