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killer bees cartoon
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Archived from the original on 28 March The most common way that a European hive will become Africanized is through cross-breeding during a new queen's mating flight. In central and southern Africa there was formerly no tradition of beekeeping, and the hive was destroyed in order to harvest the honey, pollen and larvae. As such this is generally not practical for most commercial beekeepers outside of the U. Some belong to Apis mellifera intermissa but others have an indeterminate origin; the Egyptian honeybee Apis mellifera lamarckii , present in small numbers in the southeastern United States, has the same morphology.

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killer bees cartoon

The Africanized honey bees in the Western Hemisphere are descended from hives operated by biologist Warwick E.

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Africanized bee

Honey bees that are genetically inclined towards resources high in sucrose like concentrated nectar will not be able to sustain themselves in harsher environments. This is believed to be because the more gentle bees contain genetic material that is more similar to the European honey bee although they also contain African honey bee material. The results of mating between Africanized drones and European queens is almost always Africanized offspring.

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