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And, hopefully, Rin sees that and can use that knowledge to write out her thesis. Unable to look away - and a bit curious to see his reaction - Rin stared. With a heavy sigh, said lady closed her eyes and briefly let a cool summer breeze calm her somewhat. The warm amber hues of his eyes morphed into golden fire and Rin observed carefully as the cheerful expression melted away from his face and his mood darkened more so than earlier. Perhaps she was someone special? When Rin turned around and locked gazes with him, she blanched; a feeling of guilt overcoming her.

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She kept staring at the blank paper but nothing came to mind.

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Sesshomaru and Rin Story Relay Project - Ch. 3

Rin groaned but when she faced him, there was a hint of a smile on his face. Hahah, no no you were right, there were two guys. On a final note, I couldn't possibly make Kagura a baddie! After taking a quick shower, Rin changed into something comfortable and hopped into her bed.

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