Sleepy fetish

sleepy fetish
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Your reflexes are manipulated by My sultry voice and your muscles are weaker now, weaker, weaker under My control. Prepared to be blown away - again?? In this particular session I am asking you to only imagine that My words work that way - drugging you and medicating you in such a way that you go as deep into trance as you possibly can. Deeply you sleep and without noticing, your mind shuts down and opens up even more to Me, open up even more to Me, open to Me. Let My voice drug your senses to a mild buzz for My pleasure. The "plot" is the same - the love for the big slide, the soft drop, the delicious smooth fall into deep trance is the key to your ultimate fetish and kink.

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Let My voice pull you closer to Me before you sink right back into zero.

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Priscilla. Age: 31.
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Inhale deeply and slip into deep sleep for Me. Recently I have learned that quite a large number of hypno-fans consider the love of dropping into trance to be the greatest fetish of them all. It is not the love of leather or fur, not the desire to be brainwashed or tied up. What you think you hear is all in your mind, a very sleepy mind, pleasantly sleepy mind.

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