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lilo and stitch vore
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Lilo was spending the remainder of her days mostly around her home. With that, the sisters shared a hug. Both Stitch and Angel were surprised by this answer, though Angel's surprise quickly turned to hunger since the subject was brought up. Her older sister went over to her side. It was around this time that Nani poked her head through the door to check in on Lilo and Stitch. She lapped all over her face, and after several minutes of that she shoved Lilo further inside while she began to enjoy licking her belly.

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lilo and stitch vore

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Lilo & Stitch

What really surprised them was when the little girl alien opened her eyes. She couldn't remember a lot of details as to what happened to her while she was there due to the fact she was weak and sleeping through most of the it, but she heard the important stuff. Stitch opened the fridge to see what Nani had bought. She simply laughed in a friendly way at the knowledge of Stitch locking lips with his crush.

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