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tumblr lip grip
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Your body was bent and you could only moan loudly. There was no turning back and somehow you got a little sentimental. I brought you to climax so often in that time that you almost passed out. You can feel how he is pushing up your dress more and more and his entire palms were on your thighs. I just take more time for this. Anonym asked: hi : its morning here and i just woke up.

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Kelly. Age: 23.
tumblr lip grip

In the beginning, you and Jaehyun just lied in bed and watched her, even when she sleeps.

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Mary. Age: 25.
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He shrugged and lifted you up on the kitchen counter. Jaehyun groaned, closed his eyes and gripped your butt hard. He is afraid that Miga will be angry with him again when he leaves. At some point, it was too much for you and you gave both of you salvation.

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