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One of 'The Corey's' best films yet! The unrated version is the only one to get, should be available secondhand or thru an auction somewhere. What can I say about such a spellbinding film? Filming is great, effects less since the explosions don't hit the mark, though they are colorful enough. So, it is perfectly natural to feel attracted to them The suspense is just enough to keep you interested, the plot is twisted enough to surprise you, and the acting is good enough to make you care!

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Amara. Age: 21.
nicole eggert naked

Acting very realistically showing the sexual tension and lust of teenagers in love.

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Ariah. Age: 25.
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User Reviews

It's about a 17 year old getting blown away in teenage love, to a sexy rich mysterious dream girl. So, if you like tense thrillers with unsettling moments, or just want to see Haim and Nicole naked, this is a solid B-Flick. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone under 16 because of the nudity. The scenery and backdrops are breathtaking and well-filmed.

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