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They wrapped up the whole thing on the drunken hearsay of Reeves' houseguests. The story quickly spread that Huston, not a name yet, was actually the fall guy for a much more popular personage: MGM's own Clark Gable. His quick embalming and quicker burial meant no proper autopsy was performed, either. The guests, all wasted, gave a halting narrative involving an argument and then hearing the gunshot. Reeves shacked up with Lenore Lemmon, a showgirl who'd reportedly been kicked out of every major East Coast club for her antics and alleged mob ties. Meanwhile, Eddie Mannix had the means and motive to get revenge on the man who'd shirked his duties as his wife's gigolo.

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Here's how the Christian war on rock is a blueprint for manufactured outrage. Boddy in this ultimate game of celebrity Clue was birthday boy and silent movie magnate Thomas Ince. Huston was tootling around when he took a green light on Sunset Blvd. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username.

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