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The rest of the gang wonder how they can have a wedding on such short notice, before Krieger reveals that his "secret project" was a dream wedding between Archer and Katya. A gunfight ensues; however, it ends with everyone running out of ammo and no one getting hit. It is later revealed that she saved his life on one condition—that he bring her home to America with him. Archer takes the moment to propose to Katya, which she accepts. She fools Archer into thinking that she has no knowledge of Barry's visit to the space station.

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As Barry flew into space to fight Archer on the ISS Horizon , Katya attempted to berate him, but Barry told her that he was in London for "work" and then abruptly hung up on her.

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After Archer and Lana begin dating again, the rest of the ISIS group, having grown disgusted and jealous with their saccharine happiness, hire Katya to seduce Archer in order to sabotage his relationship with Lana. As Barry strangles Archer to death, Malory reveals that she was not quite out of ammo and shoots at Barry - to no effect on Barry's cyborg body. It is then revealed to the audience, at least that Katya has in fact taken over the agency herself.

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