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Given the incredibly damaging consequences of real world sexual violence, I was troubled by the idea of players acting it out, even in a fantastical context. Built on Ashal's framework, the mod uses many of the same animations and features, but presented outside of the context of consensual sex. The answer to why such fantasies are so common is of course complicated, but at no point do the findings suggest a correlation between a fantasy involving forced sex and wanting to experience such a scenario in real life. With just under a million downloads, the fourth-most downloaded mod on LoversLab is SexLab Defeat it uses the SexLab name, but Ashal isn't affiliated with it. But it turns out that bestiality with mythical creatures only scratches the surface of the uncomfortable subject matter available via LoversLab.

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Bryleigh. Age: 26.
skyrim nudes

I only added it because so many people were asking for it.

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Laney. Age: 28.
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Inside the Skyrim sex modding community where almost no taboo is off limits

The internet age has taught us that there's a much wider spectrum of sexuality beyond what each of us might find comfortable. Ashal tells me that "no kink-shaming" is one of the community's biggest rules. I wouldn't agree with that—there's a line between fantasy and reality.

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