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breast growth cartoon
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The May issue of Tech Gian announced that an anime adaptation of the manga was in the works. Those who have huge breasts are guaranteed wealth and popularity. Kaede performs the Chichi-togi Breast Polishing cleansing on Chifusa's breasts to keep them from sagging after they become increasingly large due to her defeating Manyuu Assassins. The two, along with Tsuhuya Munemori, face off against the assassins, defeating one of them before being outmatched. Set in a parallel version of the Taihei Edo period , the series follows the busty kunoichi , Chifusa. Later on, Chifusa and Kaede find Kagefusa, Kokage, Tsuhuya and Chifusa's grandmother, who defeated the assassins and fled as well. As Oiso laments how her large breasts keep her from diving properly, her assistant, Mizuki, is attacked by a large octopus which has been causing trouble for the village for years.

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Sakuji offers Kaede to stay with him and be his permanent model, but Kaede chooses to stay with Chifusa and the two depart to continue their journey.

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A drama CD produced by Chara-Ani was released on October 16, , featuring a different voice cast than its anime counterpart. Collapsing due to hunger, they are rescued by a man whose daughter was stricken by a mysterious breast disappearance. Chifusa is to be the successor of the clan. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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