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I gave it some time, to see if Tumblr is willing to learn from their mistakes but what we saw is, that Verizon and their shareholders just dropped Tumblr as it no longer generates the profit they desire. More like a suggestion pool, although the number of votes, of course, weigh in on my decision. I try to keep a balance between popular and less popular guys according to the poll and my own preferences. Their bio says they come as a set. Charles Paquette Dabbling with brushes….

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Kathleen. Age: 26.
morphed muscle

Their bio says they come as a set.

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Karen. Age: 20.
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Quality Muscle Morphs

For the moment Twitter will be my only home and I hope you guys come with me, however, I want to thank you all ever so much for the love and support you gave me since I started this project! Anonymous asked "Can you morph a pic for me how much would that cost? With arms as big as his, that dream was soon to be a reality.

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