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She maintains all of these in addition to shooting five days a week with studios. And while Pornhub may be late to the clips game, it boasts an absolute fire hose of traffic, with more than 90 million visitors a day, according to Corey Price, a Pornhub vice president. Oops Looks like your browser doesn't support JavaScript. Instead, they're harnessing the power of social media to cultivate their own fanbases — often operating as one-person studios who sell directly to their loyal fans with specific tastes. Despite the pressures of keeping up so many accounts, no one who spoke to BuzzFeed News predicted a return of the old studio model. View this photo on Instagram. Accessories and sex toys that Casey Calvert uses in her productions.

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Kelly. Age: 23.
seth fornea pornhub

In interviews with BuzzFeed News, performers said the seamlessness of sharing new videos and updates from OnlyFans to Twitter has made their content visible and shareable in a way that few other porn sites have achieved.

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Brittany. Age: 32.
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Porn Stars Are Getting Personal To Combat Piracy

Living in downtown Los Angeles helps, since most of the major US porn production studios operate not far away in the San Fernando Valley, but there are a thousand and one hustles Calvert still needs to do to stay relevant and build her brand on her own. Those are just the more unique requests; most people want something a little more predictable, like a foot fetish video or instructions from her on how to masturbate themselves. Price said in an email that the company plans to add paid subscriptions, paid photo albums, and the ability to sell custom videos and store items as features in the near future. In other words, amateur porn done by professionals.

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