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unfaithful tumblr
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His eyes reflect hurt and shame. You can hear the formed crowd of people talking to each other in hushed voices and with those words you leave him alone in the middle of the street. No amount of pleading will ever make me want to be with you again, not after this. Soon enough you pull yourself away from his grip and roughly shove past him. They used to be your friends once, before a fallout, and by now they already filled your empty spot with a new member. Around you people are dancing, chatting, drinking, having fun, and they all have someone by their side.

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Carly. Age: 24.
unfaithful tumblr

After them apologising to you, you go upstairs to dry your t-shirt.

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Elizabeth. Age: 24.
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Walking through the mass, you see the main girls of Pepsi Max standing in the middle of the living room. You try to retrieve your hand from his grip, but he pulls you closer towards him. Showing up alone, nobody outside the house greeted you, even though most of them went to the same school as you. Christina yes, canon-wise that is the name of female Chris takes a sip from her drink and says something.

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