Crossdressing and smoking

crossdressing and smoking
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I have to join with those who do not find smoking pleasant from any point of view - certainly no sexy - nearer to repulsive. Then you notice the smell, which doesn't get any better if you kiss her. I only smoke when I'm dressed enfemm and driving my car, or should I say when I'm broke down driving my car and I'm stressed. You go girl, I absolutely love to smoke while dressed with lots of lipstick, Too bad some can not resist being your mother. That said, I don't join the league of rabid anti-smokers. I can not imagine how such a disgusting habit can be considered attractive. Part of my "gender blender" image.

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Peyton. Age: 23.
crossdressing and smoking

Do you remember that scene in "basic instinct" with Sharon Stone wearing a mini skirt!!

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Karter. Age: 21.
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Maybe you did quit smoking yourself, but there are varying degrees of addiction, so perhaps it was easier to you than others?? That said, I don't join the league of rabid anti-smokers. Don't understand how doing something that gives you lung cancer would be considered fem!! Did you quit smoking yourself?

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