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I never did vaginal nor touched a clit, and I want it to stay that way. How does guys usually respond to girls that only have anal sex, it seems quite taboo. We sort of kissed and messed around no sex , and she seems to be quite submissive when hot. I had your blog up and she asked me what anal only is and what clit denial is and why would someone like it. September 10, Comment.

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Aubrie. Age: 24.
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Jade: Hi, i never had a man in my life but i want to remain vaginally virgin.

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Mikaela. Age: 30.
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Societal Harmony Through Anal Sex Everyone can enjoy anal sex and find the appeal in it, and engaging in it with a trusted partner fosters that trust and a sort of mutual empathy, helping each other become more intimate and better bonded. An Anal Only Lifestyle forum member with MRKH, a developmental disorder results in the vaginal not fully forming and thus being impossible to have vaginal sex, posts an update asking for advice about telling a new boyfriend that she can only have anal sex. Anal is a more rewarding and appealing form of sex, and combining it with vaginal ultimately ends up degrading the purity of pleasure, intimacy, and reward that comes from anal even if it can still be good. Enjoy your anal only life together.

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