Hand on face gif

hand on face gif
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Starting a Handmade Business 8, Enrolled. Heads Changing Sizes and Covered Faces: This example is seen in the last GIF above which I took and replaced with the faces of my friends Look at the guy who runs across the screen increasing in size and putting his hands over his face. To make erasing easier, lower the opacity of the head so that you can see below. This does not in any way diminish my gratitude for your attempt to help nor your truly excellent tutorials re Photoshop. Once you have correctly adjusted your photo on the first frame, then move on to all the other frames and translate the head accordingly. PRO TIP: Lower the opacity of your huge head's frame and place the huge head's nostrils over the eyes of the head you are replacing. Congrats you just successfully altered your first GIF!

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Usually we would only copy our head selection onto the first frame of Timeline but now we have to copy it onto each frame there is a change.

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GIF Head Swap

I personally used method B for the switch although I would not recommend this. When making changes to the size and rotation of the face, it doesn't matter what frame in the Timeline you are on, because the changes will affect all the faces in all the frames. This will create a selection around the desired face. However, when translating the face, the frame you are on absolutely matters.

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