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Throughout the series, there have been two rules referenced as the first and third of Gibbs' rules. We are still to reveal the double-up on rule 2. Gibbs broke Rule 1 Never let suspects stay together in "Ships in the Night" in order to get a confession. Second way, they only notice you. On one occasion, during the Season 1 episode, Missing episode DiNozzo quoted Rule Nine as a rule that "they teach you in the Marine Corps", but the Marine in question was unaware of what he was referring to. There are two ways to follow someone.

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ncis rule 34

On the other hand, during the Season 2 episode, Forced Entry episode when Rule Twenty-Three was once referred to during a case, a nearby MP quoted the rule correctly.

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Gibbs's Rules

Created by Gibbs by writing on the back of the card that states Rule 13 "Never, ever involve lawyers. Eventually, however, Executive Producer Shane Brennan revealed that the duplication was actually intentional:. There are two ways to follow someone. It was revealed in the last few minutes of the Season 6 episode, Heartland episode that Gibbs's rules originated from his first wife, Shannon Gibbs , where she told him at their first meeting that "Everyone needs a code they can live by".

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