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Parent—child sexual communication has also been linked to specific behaviors. In addition, policies should support fatherhood programs that encourage engagement for both residential and nonresidential fathers as well as programs that offer education, financial assistance, and partner relationship support. Family sources of sexual health information, primary messages, and sexual behavior of at-risk, urban adolescents. Researchers have also reported an association between neighborhood context and sexual risk behavior among urban heterosexual AA men Bowleg et al. The current research demonstrated that AA father—son closeness and connectedness was related to AA father—son sexual communication, and this in turn was negatively related to sexual permissiveness and positively related to condom attitudes. Additionally, parents who demonstrated warmth, love, concern, and caring were more likely to have adolescents who practiced abstinence or reduced the number of sexual partners Aspy et al.

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How patterns of learning about sexual information among adolescents are related to sexual behaviors.

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Future research that focuses on the content and quality of sexual information relayed from fathers to sons is necessary for more definitive conclusions. The final model retained all of the original hypothesized structures but added additional direct pathways between father—son closeness and connectedness, sexual risk behaviors, and condom attitudes, and between father—son sexual risk communication and sexual risk behaviors Figure 1. Parental communication and youth sexual behaviour. HIV Medicine , 14 10 , —

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