Naruto shikamaru x temari

naruto shikamaru x temari
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Evening descends and Shikamaru and Temari walk around in the soft lighting of the hot springs. Gaara asks to see places Naruto likes. It always places very high in fan polls. Lee and Tenten arrive, on duty to show them around the village. Before leaving, Temari tells Shikamaru she will help him again if anything happens and then teases him about crying in front of her in the hospital, while he referred to her as 'troublesome'. Shikamaru is convinced that he isn't dreaming when Temari slaps him for lying to her in the Shinobi Union meeting. A also intends to send a gift on Kumo 's behalf.

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naruto shikamaru x temari

In his dream, Temari is by his side.

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Naruto Type Beat

If this mission went badly, Shikamaru should learn from it and improve so that future missions will be more successful. Shikamaru insisted that it would both aid Shikadai in his growth and because Shikadai thinks so much like Shikamaru, their son would probably realize the inconsistencies in the situation and could help figure out the truth, something that Shikamaru would have wanted to do himself if not too busy. Gaara asks to see places Naruto likes. Shikamaru is happy with his decision but will need a woman's input to help him plan something suitable.

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