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Clearly, many women don't prefer to watch gentle, soft-focus, intimate sex; some of them would rather just turn on their computers and watch some hardcore fucking. The website's report on female consumers' porn tastes, "What Women Want," offers a few familiar takeaways: Lesbian porn is the runaway favorite for women of all sexual orientations, getting eaten out is good , Kim Kardashian is the most popular "porn star" on the web, and so on and so forth. While Pornhub's data and past research suggest that women might be more interested in hardcore porn than we think, it's important to keep in mind that these findings don't tell the whole story about female sexual desire. In short, it's basically the opposite of the choking, spitting and slapping we typically see on hardcore tube sites on Pornhub. After all, obviously not all men are interested in masturbating to the same thing, so it follows that there'd be an equal amount of diversity in women's porn preferences as well.

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Most of the porn in this vein features slower, more intimate sex, as well as an emphasis on female pleasure.

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Research tells a different story. For starters, while we typically think of "gangbang," "fisting" and "double penetration" as hallmarks of male-oriented hardcore porn , it looks like ladies are getting off to the rough stuff as well. So is "porn for women" really just "porn"? But do women actually prefer "female-friendly" porn to the hard stuff?

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