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ahsoka kissing anakin
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Steela pushes the king out of the way but Steela finds herself hanging on the cliff. Upon landing in a grove on the icy Carlac, Bonteri left Tano and her astromech droid, R2-D2, aboard and set off to meet the Death Watch. Lux is happy to see Ahsoka again but turns out Steela has a crush on Lux and discovers his feelings for Ahsoka. And killed the guards but Steela managed to get there and saves the king but Saw shot down a ship that crashes onto the cliff where Steela and the king's at. Incidentally, she instead trains with Saw while Lux trains with Steela. After fighting with the help of the droids R2 repaired and befriended, they made it to the ship but Lux, who still didn't trust the Republic, activated the escape pod.

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ahsoka kissing anakin

Ahsoka tries to convince him to go with her, telling him "they can change things together".

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Lux Bonteri

However, during their first meeting, Ahsoka didn't trust Lux due to him being a separatist. Hobby Training, being moody, and having girl troubles. He begs Death Watch to let her go, which they refused. Lux does get back at her by asking her if he looked so bad.

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