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celebrity feet tickle
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The purpose of tickling was to arouse Russian Czarinas and other noble women. Be that as it may, it seems it served its purpose in the Russian courts and was not a fashion fad, but a beloved bedroom tactic. The most famous enjoyer of tickling services was Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia from to , the longest ruling woman in Russian history. Russia is not the only case of this practice. Namely, there is one profession that has now died out, but at one time was very significant: professional feet ticklers. Unfortunately, many of the photographs are lost.

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Mckenna. Age: 30.
celebrity feet tickle

There are some reports of tickling assaults nowadays.

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Katelynn. Age: 21.
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Royal Women used Professional Foot Ticklers in Rather Arousing Ways

Painting by Grigory Sedov, 19th century. Painting by Nikolai Nevrev, 19th century. There are some reports of tickling assaults nowadays.

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