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Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies. In his work he warns that overt nakedness is to be avoided. John Le Gay Brereton , who had given medical advice to bathers in a Foreign Affairs Committee-owned Turkish bath in Bradford , travelled to Sydney , Australia, and opened a Turkish bath there on Spring Street in , even before such baths had reached London. Public baths in Morocco are embedded into a social-cultural history that has played a significant role in both urban and rural Moroccan cities. It is not wet air, nor moist air, nor vapoury air; it is not vapour in any shape or form whatever.

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Egypt was part of the Ottoman Empire, and the hamams of Cairo and other major cities like Alexandria are evidence of the unique Ottoman legacy.

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The style of bathing is less preferable in the Islamic faith, which finds bathing under running water without being fully submerged more appropriate. After the defeat and dismemberment of the Ottoman army in the early 20th century, the role of tellak boys was filled by adult attendants. Even then al-Gazali finds it admissible for men to prohibit their wives or sisters from using the hammam. Also, the sequence of rooms was revised so that people generally used the cool room after the warmer rooms and massages, rather than before.

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