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I tried to pat him on the head to calm him down a little, but it was no use. Once it seemed like the entire cock was up inside my ass, it felt like a fucking grapefruit had been shoved in me. One evening, after Beefy licked me to 5 orgasms in the span of about 15 minutes, I laid down and started rubbing his belly. He panted calmly, letting me rub him all over. I pressed my upper body flat against the ground, raising my ass as high as I could in the air. It felt like a flaming torch was being inserted into my ass. He had porno magazines, too, and I would pick them up and check them out occasionally, learning all kinds of fun sex tips, but with no one to enjoy them with.

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Jayda. Age: 25.
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I had been letting Beefy eat me out all evening; I had probably orgasmed at least 10 times earlier.

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Harper. Age: 28.
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He began whining a little as he felt me trying to get free. My only companion was our beloved Golden Retriever, Beefy. I gave him a couple treats after he orally pleasured me, training him well to eat my cunt. The dog resumed licking my twat, and my moans got a little louder.

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