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While the took aim with the syringe. Hence, while an unhappy and humiliated and increasingly frantic Jordan waited on the ground floor, nine floors above him, three muscular workmen were struggling to move a desk and release the doors which continues to hold up the lift. Please take off that dirty blanket and get onto the examination table …. Jordan literally bounded up the stairs, and, to his relief was soon out of view of the watching crowd. As soon as his naked passenger was safely inside the Ranger put his foot on the gas and the car sped off down the road, until they were safely our of range of the pursuing swarm.

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Merry Christmas — Art by Mark. To Jordan's annoyance, he found that Dr Schultz was not alone, as his eyes fell on the hated figure of medical trainee, Martin Clifford, who, while appearing to be intently studying some notes, was adjusting the buttons on his white male nurse's uniform. However, it had been a fitful sleep full of scary nightmares of angry insects, huge carrots and doctors, with syringes the size of AK47 rifles, chasing him trough a forest variously booby-trapped with nettle patches and electric fences, all of which contrived to sting and zap his bottom.

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