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anko naruto wikipedia
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Unknown to Team 7, Kabuto submits all of the data he gathered on them to Orochimaru. Sasuke fights Yoroi, but is handicapped by his inability to use chakra due to the danger of activating the cursed seal. Archived from the original on May 28, As Naruto practices, Ebisu catches an old man later revealed to be Jiraiya spying on a women's bathhouse. He signs a scroll that will allow him to summon toads.

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anko naruto wikipedia

The next match is Hinata Hyuga against Neji Hyuga , who is revealed to be her cousin from the branch house of the Hyuga clan.

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Yagura jutsu

Zabuza collapses as Gato's men retreat when the villagers arrive, Team 7 are relieved to discover that Sasuke is still alive, having been spared any lethal injuries. Before entering the Chunin Exam hall, Team 7 are greeted by Kakashi, who informs them that all three of them had been required to consent to taking the exams before they would have been allowed in, and wished them luck. However, Shiore is still alive with his face partially melted off, revealing part of Shiore's true face.

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