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It was the specific dynamics of the situation which probably won't be happening again any time soon, unless this becomes their highest rated program and then we'll end up with repeats elsewhere, eh. Levi is from Brooklyn, NY not far from me. My friend said that men are different; they like towels. The dark headed white guy was CUTE, but the tattoo man and the other man, Levi, didn't do a thing for me! No matter what, I still wish I was one of the audience members!

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Ann. Age: 28.
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The second night, it was going well and then half-way through the five minute piece, he, um, had a rise.

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Johanna. Age: 24.
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I would draw the line at human flesh or poisons. He said that women don't get spontaneous, and painfully obvious, erections. That's Clason Whitney, the real estate guy from Oregon.

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