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Leia had just been captured by Jabba the Hutt just an hour ago. However, Jabba stuck his tongue into her mouth and continued to explore his new slave's body. The entire night, Jabba had kept a slimy arm around her bellybutton,and his cum was on her belly and his tail rested hotdogged between her butt cheeks. Jabba shoved one hand between her two butt cheeks and eagerly squeezed the soft smooth flesh of her warm bottom. Leia grunted with discomfort as Jabba slathered slime all over her rear. Leia woke up from her uncomfortable sleep. Leia screamed at the assault.

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Lea. Age: 28.
slave leia butt

Leia tried to push away, but her arms sunk into Jabba's slime-coated folds.

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Marina. Age: 20.
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Leia's Unfortunate Captivity

But, Jabba simply stuck his tail into her mouth and said: "You are my new pleasure slave. Jabba lustfully extended his tongue and licked Leia's face. His tail coiled around her leg, under her skirt.

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