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There are also detailed chapters on bites, scratches and other aspects of the aesthetic of the body. All this is far more complex than the simple act of coitus, where the key fits in the ignition and things more or less just happen. As far as fellatio is concerned, at least as a sexual act unto itself, we human beings are all alone in the animal kingdom. In fact everything fell under the aegis of onanism: fellatio, petting, lesbianism, masturbation. In the Palais Royal 50, little booklets from the 18th century were found; they were mini-directories of prostitutes and their specialties. This reminds me of another study you cite in your book.

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There's an immediate analogy right there in the word "lips" between the vagina and the mouth.

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Islam shares a common ground with Judeo-Christian societies in that fellatio is condemned in part because it is not directly linked to the act of procreation. An entire chapter in the Kama Sutra is devoted to an act called "auparishtaka," otherwise known as "oral congress. On the contrary, the fellatio ritual is performed to make men acquire strong, active, macho values in a society where women are totally submissive and dominated. It's certainly not an act in and of itself.

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