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Every time Essy's fucked with her bubble-butt to the camera, it's a pornographic feast. Nadia gets on top again, turns around so we get an incredible view of her butt, and proceeds to fuck froggy-style. That's how I like to see it After grinding on top, face to the camera with Peter deep inside her lovely, sun-tanned genitals, she gives post fuck head, saying exactly what I wanted to hear: "I want to taste my pussy on your cock It's all just "Oh yeah, your cock feels so good! I always wondered if girls like Leah wore fake or unecessary braces for the purpose of furthering their porn career by looking like jail bait; but through the crystal clear, up close and personal camerawork of Northstar Associates, her teeth can be observed to be very crooked indeed. Avena definitely has a knack for filthy comments inbetween sex acts.

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There's a zit on it, but hey, the girl's probably still a teenager and it's just a blemish on an otherwise perfect rear.

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Case in point: Leah tells the camera: "Want to see a new trick? I'll lay off the guy as I honestly wonder how even a freak like him can produce a never-ending supply of semen for all of these movies. Avena definitely has a knack for filthy comments inbetween sex acts. Words fail to describe how nifty that little asian butt looks as it claps and slaps on the hydraulics.

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