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lesbians in a shower
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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. I'm sure she figured out what was up because I have never heard faster footsteps as she made a very quick exit. It was awkward for a good 30 seconds until we realized we were in the shower and at least it was easy cleanup, and then we just went right back at it. I answered for her, saying, 'No, but I did. Thankfully the elbow injury wasn't bad enough to prevent further use of my arm! Both of us were super slippery, so it was nearly impossible for me to carry her out of the shower so I could lay her down to regain the blood flow to her head.

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Miracle. Age: 22.
lesbians in a shower

We were right in the thick of it when we heard, 'Are you girls coming?

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Ariel. Age: 24.
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8 Lesbians Reveal Their Most Awkward Shower Sex Moments

We were doing it against the wall, water running down my back, but when I was kissing her I felt something running down my cheek. We both thought it was going to be someone military. I think she banged me so hard I started my period! I answered for her, saying, 'No, but I did.

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