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Modern artistic illustrations of Xochiquetzal had adapted the display of secondary sexual characteristics to conform fairly closely to the typical depiction of your average super woman. These are much more plausible arguments , but they are about different things. A Quora Debate covers the question as well. Ice Man can be gay and progressive and other comics can have hot chicks with big boobs. Casper and Hot Stuff have left us.

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Nor does one company have to be everything to everybody.

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Comic Book Hyper-Sexualization Part II: Why Men Like Half-Naked Ladies

A little romance would be nice, and being noble and trustworthy also important when sizing up the guy you are going to let father your children. They may not precisely be secondary sex characteristics, but are universal in the depiction of super heroines. However, if advocates of realistic representation wait for DC or Marvel to do this, they will be waiting a very long time.

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