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drawn together foxxy and clara
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A much-exploited gag on the show is Foxxy's bewildering amount of life experience. In the episode, Foxxy overcomes her fear and begins spelling perfectly again. In Drawn Together Babies , Foxxy Love was portrayed as the sister of the rest of the housemates, making them all biological brothers and sisters. She is implied to have sex so frequently that she is so used to being pregnant that she treats it completely dismissively she once suggests, seemingly with no external evidence, that there is a good chance she is pregnant at the moment. Despite her seemingly young age, she has had several abortions see Sexuality below and has carried at least three children to term, one of whom may have in turn become a parent themselves. This may only be a relative factor, as the other characters tend to be less stable than their reality TV counterparts.

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In " A Very Special Drawn Together Afterschool Special ", she says that Timmy is in an orphanage in Kansas City, Missouri; however, when this is stated, she is roleplaying as a prostitute , so that information might not be canon.

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Foxxy Love

She has dark hair in a ponytail and a dark complexion. Another running gag involves Foxxy's love of the snack food Funyuns. This is probably explainable by the fact that cartoon characters don't really age, and thus she is "twenty-three" no matter how long she has actually lived, similar to the way Toot is only 22 years old despite being from the s. Beginning in Season Two, her character design was tweaked so that her nipples always stick out in the first season they stuck out only when she was excited when she is in her usual outfit - most likely a fan service.

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