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swallowing a load
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I feel like I have him inside me now which is a lovely feeling and I love him more for how gentle and considerate he was. I am a straight guy who loves it when his gay and straight friends swallow…. I also know some crazy shit she did after her divorce, like she wanted to see if she could handle it, like in porn, where like 5 guys cum in her mouth. In fact, a study found that Cheese and Ham are cured or preserved by putrefaction and the decomposition flavor remains in semen. You Should Swallow When Pregnant — Studies have found that swallowing his load after oral sex correlates with a diminished occurrence of preeclampsia[ 7 ], a nasty condition that pregnant women sometimes get that raises your blood pressure and can affect other organs like the kidneys. Women could rule the world and get anything they want by using sex but so many do not realize it.

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I dated a girl named Donna and she loved swallowing my cum.

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How To Swallow Cum With Ease – 5 Simple Steps

You may be in a relationship with a guy who wants you to swallow his load while you may not want to do it at all. In fact, a study found that Just tell your man that you love it when he fills your mouth with his large loads and then advise him on how he can make his loads even larger Maca, Korean Ginseng, L-Arginine, Acetyl-L, Tribulus. I had to read and watch to refresh myself.

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